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Call for Volunteers: Safe Zone & Safe Walk


Do you want to help keep Carbondale, Illinois safe at night? The Illinois Initiative is looking for volunteers for their new Safe Zone & Safe Walk service. This service offers a safe space for people to go to on their

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National Preparedness Month 2013

This September, you can be the hero. September is National Preparedness Month (NPM). It is a time to prepare yourself and those in your care for emergencies and disasters. If you’ve seen the news recently, you know that emergencies can

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Welcome to the Illinois Initiative

Economic recession. Unemployment. Low-paying and low-quality jobs. Gender-based violence and sexual assault. Discrimination and harassment. Environmental threats to our health, economy, and security. Lack of adequate food, housing, education, and health care. Lack of opportunities. Loss of hope. These are

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Learn more about the goals, strategy, and tactics of the Illinois Initiative.

Join ILI

Do you want to be a hero? ILI is recruiting. For more information, email us or come to our next meeting.

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Take action by supporting our campaigns and related organizations. The next meetup is on Oct 26!