Climate Justice Fridays

In honor of the weekly youth climate strikes & the urgency of the climate crisis, Illinois Initiative will now be taking action in support of climate justice every Friday!

Some of our climate justice actions will be quick and easy one-time actions like sending a letter or attending a climate strike event. Others may be part of bigger project, like organizing climate-themed events or volunteering for climate-related groups.

Either way, every Friday, we’ll take action in support of climate justice. And we invite you to join us!

If you live in Southern Illinois and want to participate, please send us a message (Facebook or email) or join our Illinois Initiative Facebook group, which is where we’ll talk about the details. You can send us suggestions for climate actions even if you don’t plan to attend. We want local community members and groups to tell us what actions will help the most locally.

If you don’t live in Southern Illinois, we have many ideas for what you can do where you live. Ask us a question and we’ll see how we can help. You know your area better than we do, but we can offer practical suggestions to get you started.

The climate crisis is big, but if we work together, we can make a difference. Together, we can take action in support of climate justice in our communities, our region, and our world. We look forward to working with you in support of climate justice.

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